Eco-Friendly Exhibiting

Many of our simple, common-sense practices add up to a sizable reduction 3rsto our ecological footprint.We promise to continue searching for better ways to exhibit your company in the greenest way possible.Exhibitors and suppliers cite personal interest as a major reason for increased interest in Eco-Friendly Exhibiting Options.

Increased price is the primary obstacle to adopting Eco Sound Solutions as an industry standard. Statistics have shown an average price increase for Green Exhibiting Solutions of 25% to 30% higher versus traditional exhibits.

45% of all exhibitors are not aware of their supplier’s participation in Eco Sound Solutions and the availability of Green Exhibiting.


The most influential factor for getting exhibitors to switch to Eco Sound Solutions is whether the “solution” offeres an upgrade in usability over traditional solutions.

  • Eco Sound Solutions offer an upgrade in exhibit usability and life over traditional solutions.
  • Switching to Eco Sound Solutions will boost company image and brand.
  • Additional expenses may be eligible for a tax credit.
  • Using Eco Sound Solutions will boost employee morale knowing they are working for an environmentally conscious company.